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English publications 

Book chapters 

Speakman, K. Bancerz, M. & Koç, M. (2021) Finding food studies: A map of the field. In Koc, M, Sumner, J. & Winson T. (eds). Critical Perspectives in Food Studies (Third edition) (pp.26). Toronto: Oxford University Press. 


Kim, M. Oza, J. & Koç. M. (2021). Food and the intersectionality of the immigrant experience in settler colonial Canada. In Koc, M, Sumner, J. & Winson T. (eds). Critical Perspectives in Food Studies (Third edition) (pp. 22). Toronto: Oxford University Press. 

Koç, M. (2020). Food crisis, food policies and governance mechanisms. Virtual Conferences in the Days of Corona, Book of Proceedings. Ankara: TARGET, pp. 145-152.

Koç, M. Bancerz, M. & Speakman, K. (2017). The interdisciplinary field of food studies. In Koc, M., Sumner J., & Winson, T. (eds). Critical Perspectives in Food Studies (Second edition) (pp. 3-18). Toronto: Oxford University Press.


Koç, M., Soo, K. & Liu W.L. (2015). Newcomer food security and safety. In Bauder, H. & Shields, J. (eds.). Immigrant Experiences in North America (pp. 292-311). Toronto: Canadian Scholars’ Press, 

Koç, M. (2014) Food banking in Turkey: Conservative politics in a neo-liberal state. In Riches, G. & Silvasti, T. (eds.) First World Hunger Revisited: Food Charity or the Right to Food? (pp. 146-159). London: Palgrave Macmillan. 

Koç, M. (2013). Discourses of food security. In Karaagac, B. (ed.) Accumulations, Crises, Struggles: Capital and Labour. Contemporary Capitalism (pp. 245-265). Berlin/London: LIT Verlag,,baris-karaagac-9783643904119 

Koç, M., MacRae, R., Noack, A. & Ustundag, O.G. (2012).  What is food studies? Characterizing an emerging academic field through the eyes of Canadian scholars. In Koc, M., Sumner, J. & Winson A. (eds.) Critical Perspectives in Food Studies., (First Edition) (pp. 4-15). Toronto: Oxford University Press.

Koç, M. & Bas, J.(2012). Canada’s action plan on food security: The interactions between civil society and the state to advance food security in Canada. In MacRae, R. & Abergel, E. (eds.) Health and Sustainability in the Canadian Food System: Advocacy and Opportunity for Civil Society (pp. 173-203). Vancouver: UBC Press. 

MacRae, R., Abergel, E. & Koç, M. (2012). Introduction. In MacRae, R. & Abergel, E. (eds.) Health and Sustainability in the Canadian Food System: Advocacy and Opportunity for Civil Society (pp. 1-14). Vancouver: UBC Press. 

Koç, M. (2010). Sustainability: A tool for food system reform. In Blay-Palmer, A. (ed.) Imagining Sustainable Food Systems (pp. 37-45). Surrey, U.K.: Ashgate. 

Blay-Palmer, A. & Koç, M. (2010). Imagining sustainable food systems: The path to regenerative food systems. In Blay-Palmer, A. (ed). Imagining Sustainable Food Systems (pp. 223-246). Surrey, U.K.: Ashgate. 

Koç, M. (2009). Hunger and plenty: Fragmented integration in the global food system. In Denis, A. & Fishman, D. (eds.) The New ISA Handbook in Contemporary International Sociology: Conflict, Competition, Cooperation (pp. 323-335). New York: Sage. 

Ramp, W. & Koç, M. (2001). Global investment and local politics: The case of Lethbridge. In Epp, R. & Whitson, D. (eds.) Writing Off the Rural West: Globalization, Governments and the Transformation of Rural Communities (pp. 53-70). Edmonton: The University of Alberta Press and Parkland Institute. 

Koç, M., MacRae, R., Mougeot, L., & Welsh, J. (1999). Introduction: Food security as a global concern. In Koc, M., eMcRae, R., Mougeot, L., & Welsh, J. (ed.), For Hunger‑Proof Cities: Sustainable Urban Food Systems (pp. 1-7). Ottawa: International Development Research Centre.

Koç, M. & Koc, H. (1999). From staple stores to supermarkets: The case of Tansas in Izmir, Turkey. In Koc, M., eMcRae, R., Mougeot, L., & Welsh, J. (ed.), For Hunger‑Proof Cities: Sustainable Urban Food Systems (pp. 115-121). Ottawa: International Development Research Centre. 

Koç, M. (1994). Globalization as a discourse. In Bonanno, A. (ed.) From Colombus to Conagra: Globalization of Agriculture and Food (pp. 265-280). University of Kansas Press. 

Koç, M. (1994), Between the Orient and Occident: Turkey's struggle for Europeanization. In MacMillan, G. (ed.) The European Community, Canada and 1992 (pp. 207-228). Calgary: The Faculty of Social Sciences, The University of Calgary. 

Special journal issues edited

Refereed publications

Saman, R., Sekercioglu, R. & Koç, M. (2021) Food safety and diversity in the COVID-19 era: Experiences of public health and settlement officials with new immigrants. Journal of Food Security. 9(4): 160-166.

Vatanparast, H., Koç, M., Farag, M., Garcea, J., Engler-Stringer, R., Qarmout, T., Carol, H., Racine, L., White, J., Romaina, I., Khakpour, M., Dasarathi, S. & D'Angelo, S. (2020) Exploring food security among recently resettled Syrian refugees: Results from a qualitative study in two Canadian cities. International Journal of Migration, Health and Social Care. 16(4): 527-542.

Al-Kharabsheh, L., Al-Bazz, S., Koç, M., Garcea, J., Lane, GL, Engler-Stringer, R., White, J. & Vatanparast, H. (2020) Household food insecurity and associated socio-economic factors among recent Syrian refugees in two Canadian cities. Border Crossing. 10(2): 203-214.

Khakpour, M., Iqbal, R., GhulamHussain, N., Engler-Stringer, R., Koç, M., Garcea, J. & Vatanparast, H. (2019). Facilitators and barriers toward food security of Afghan refugees residing in Karachi, Pakistan. Ecology of Food and Nutrition, 1-18.

Koç, M. (2018). Food security discourse: Challenges for the 21st Century. Global Dialogue. 8 (3): 38-39. 

Khakpour, M., Sadeghi, L., Jenzer, H., Martins, S., Farag, M., Koç, M., Garcea, J., Henry, C., Engler-Stringer, R. & Vatanparast, H. (2017). The impact of socio-economic and cultural factors on refugee households’ food insecurity: A snapshot of the food security status of Afghan refugees in Switzerland. The FASEB Journal, 31(supplement), pp.791.13.

Koç. M. (2015). Crisis of legitimacy and challenges for food policy. Canadian Food Studies, 2(2): 17-22.

Vahabi, M., Isaacs, S., Koç, M., & Damba, C. (2015). Challenges in recruiting hard-to-reach populations focusing on Latin American recent immigrants. International Journal of Human Rights in Healthcare, 8(1): 36-44.

Koç, M., MacRae, R., Desjardins, E. & Roberts, W. (2008). Getting civil about food: The Interactions between civil society and the state to advance sustainable food systems in Canada. Journal of Hunger & Environmental Nutrition, 3(2/3): 122-144.

Power, E. & Koç, M. (2008).  A double-double and maple glazed doughnut (introduction), Special issue on Canadian food studies. Food Culture and Society, 11(3): 263-67.

Koç, M., Das, R. & Jernigan C. (2007). Food security and food sovereignty in Iraq: The impact of war and sanctions on the civilian population. Food, Culture and Society, 10(2): 317-348.

Koç, M. & Welsh, J. (2002). Food, identity and immigrant experience. Canadian Diversity, 1(1): 46-48. 

Koç, M. & Dahlberg, K. (1999). The restructuring of food systems: Trends and research and policy issues. Agriculture and Human Values, 16(2):109-116. 

Koç, M. (1991). Two crises or one? Persistence and disappearance of simple commodity production in tobacco in Turkey and Canada. The International Journal of Sociology of Agriculture and Food, 1: 151-164.

Koç, M. (1990). Understanding state policies in agriculture. International Journal of Sociology and Social Policy, 10(3): 22-40. 

Koç, M. (1990). Transformation of Oriental tobacco production in Turkey. New Perspectives on Turkey, 4:31-55.

Koç, M. (1989). Persistence as a historically specific possibility: The case of tobacco production in Aegean Turkey. Sociologia Ruralis, 29(3/4): 280-293.

Turkish publications 

Books & book chapters 

Refereed publications


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